We transform complex issues into dynamic resolutions.

Emanuele Tinti

Treid is a versatile consulting firm.

Our goal is to simplify complex problems.
To do this we make use of a creative and and multidisciplinary approach.
Our work is based on a rigorous understanding of the context in which our clients operate to develop the full potential and meet their challenges with maximum flexibility.
Treid is the synergy concept declined in several areas of expertise: our strength is in the network we can put in place, so that we can produce a result that is much more than the mere sum of the different elements.

A result without compromising the quality.


Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

In this area of ​​crucial importance for enterprises, Treid focuses on solutions to face key issues: the fragmentation of customer segments, interaction with the consumer, an effective communication and market strategy. Treid shapes investment in marketing so that it will generate maximum results and reinforce the brand positioning.
-fragmentation of customer segments
-interaction with consumers
-effective communication and market strategy


Project Management

Project Management

Treid assists companies that have the need to align their organizational structures to business objectives enhancing both the performance in the short term and the organizational operation in the long run. Treid offers a consultancy able to manage business processes in the most effective way, to cultivate a corporate culture aimed at competitive advantage and strengthening weak points of enterprises to determine problem areas that need appropriate solutions.


Internationalization of business

Internationalization of business

Internationalization is a strategic process that enables companies to operate and expand across national boundaries taking advantage of the greater opportunities of the global market. Treid guides and support companies in all phases of the project. Among other things we help to do:
– choice of markets of strategic interest
– search of the best international suppliers
– rating analysis and market competitors
– establishment of working relationships with institutional representatives

Market Research

Treid supports companies to form an accurate view of their offer through the geographical and industrial segment in which they operate. The approach is to identify neglected areas of hidden potential growth. The result is a tailor-made strategy to ensure that companies operate to take full segments of the market. Treid develops practical action plans to realign the value chain and achieve goals even in the short term.


Treid counts on a extensive experience in various domains to help financial services institutions to realize the path toward optimizing processes, risk management and cost reduction. The attainment of the economic benefits arise from a loyal customer and via the planning of competitive evolving scenarios. Thanks to a consolidated know-how, Treid offers its customers tailor-made solutions for these needs.

Business Plan

Treid is able to provide support to enterprises in the development of the Business Plan, bringing on the necessary mix of strategic and financial tools. Treid believes as pivotal that to make a new initiative or renovate an existing one involves a challenge in a market where space is increasingly tight. To this aim Treid explores in advance all aspects, identifies the feasibility and trace the route straight to the goal.

Our Team

Trade is a versatile consulting firm, for this makes use of the best professionals in all sectors of the economy.
Emanuele Tinti

Graduated in Economics, now he lives between Rome and Milan. In New York city he has earned an MBA and improved his Marketing and strategy skills. After working for the family businesses he set up Treid which is the CEO. He loves new technologies at disposal of human being development.

Giuseppe Fiore
Senior Analyst

Passionately curious about International Relations and analysis he has earned a post-graduate Master in Intelligence in 2010. He has been working in South Africa and Brussels for many years. Giuseppe can assist with creation of report deliverables, market research and business intelligence.

MPM Legal
Legal Advice

A legal firm with over 20 years of practice, currently made up of about 15 lawyers specialized in commercial and corporate law, headed by Teacher Marco Mastracci, Court of cassation lawyer, expert in commercial, corporate and Trust. MPM Legal makes use of a network of law firms in many foreign countries.

Web Developing & Graphic Designer

Dario and Davide Molinari, professionals in the graphic-advertising industry.
Experts in communication, graphic design, photography, video making, web development and web marketing, they are concerned with the brand management, image and communication of a company.

Our Best Skills

We are known for our holistic perspective. We cross boundaries with our clients to create value focused on the Client’s needs and urgencies.

Business Planning
Market Researching


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