I-Cross it’s a self-powered led light system inspired to both pedestrians and drivers.

Project Info

Client Treid
Skills Road Safety

Project Description

I-Cross it’s a led light system inspired to both pedestrians and drivers. It gives to the drivers an effective visible signalling thanks to the led lights installed on zebra stripes which are activated by pedestrians who are about to cross the street. 
The system can also send alerts to on-board vehicle devices (mobile app and/or system installed to the engine). These kind of alerts can be visual or acoustic:  when i-Cross detects the presence of at least one pedestrian in the vicinity of a crosswalk, the central unit sends an actuation signal to the on-board device of a car (for instance mobile app), to warn the driver of the likely presence of one or more pedestrians on a upcoming pedestrian crosswalk. Furthermore a receving system able to read i-Cross signal can be installed into the engine and possibly slow down the car in case of drivers’ distraction. i-Cross it’s a self-powered system.